A Complete Review of Your Website’s SEO Performance
Our New Edge Marketing audit is designed for companies that have an established business and live website, with the average company spending between $3,000 and $75,000 per month in online marketing.  Our report is FREE, and there is no commitment. The two things you must do is carefully review your audit report, preferably with one of our SEO analysts, and act on the information you find in the report. 

Here is what is included: A Full Website Audit for Your Company
We will review your website manually based on several data points including:
Visibility Issues
Meta Data Issues
Content Issues
Link Issues
Image Issues
Semantic Issues 

Will the Audit Report Help?
It depends on the audit findings as well as a few simple factors: (1) Are you ready to critically and impartially review your website SEO report? (2) Are you ready to act upon the knowledge you receive from the audit and do you have the proper support to implement the changes necessary?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then the audit will help!  Our New Edge Marketing report will contain impartial data, as well as actionable advice on how to improve your SEO, which you can start applying right away. 

How Much Will This Cost?
This audit report is FREE.  We see this as a great service that no one else does and it is an excellent means to provide you a way to check us out, our thoroughness, and our experience without you having to make a commitment. You can also use it as much as you would like! 

How to Get an Audit?
It is Simple!
Just fill out the form on this page and proceed or call us at (888) 963-9423 and we will get started on your Website SEO Audit right away for you!

Improve your SEO Performance!
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